Jun 272007

Finally I’m back once more 😉 . While I was in military service my Zyxel modem suddenly refused to work with my fli4l router what caused me to switch the modem into router mode and this made it impossible to further access my Web server. That’s the reason for the downtime. It’s very embarrassing that I only write into my blog when there was a service failure before. But this time this should change!

I moved my Web site from my home server to a machine in a hosting center. Together with some friends we were sharing a physical machine with different Xen domains. Generally I did a lot of work with Xen recently therefore I hope to enjoy you with some tricks about it soon. In my Xen domain the new Debian 4.0 Etch is running. With help of debootstrap it is installed in a few minutes. By the way… does someone know the successor of the base-config program in the earlier versions?

Anyway I hope that the site can stay here for a while and you will come back when there are some more news.

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