Aug 162007

Most of you may have a similar problem. A lot of friends are present in the Internet but all of them use a different instant messenger. There are ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber and a lot more. With multi-protocol messenger like Pidgin (former Gaim) or Adium it is not that laborious to manage all your contacts anymore. But still you would like to reduce your number of accounts as much as possible.

Once more open source software gives an example how it could be. The protocol is called XMPP and originally used by Jabber. When Google introduced their own messenger GoogleTalk in 2005 they made the wise decision to also use XMPP instead of inventing a new protocol. The next big thing is that everybody with a Gmail account can also use this credentials for GoogleTalk. One account connects you to your friends of two networks. Why is not everything in information technology so handy?

Now you are maybe wondering that Gaim/Pidgin does not support GoogleTalk. But it does support Jabber/XMPP. So it is an easy thing to set up your GoogleTalk account. Enter your Gmail address as “Screen Name”; the server is not “” but “” and the connect server is “”. As resource you can leave “Home”. Finished and ready for chatting…