Sep 262007

For organizing our move to the shared flat I was looking for a small, simple to use Wiki for collecting ideas and coordinating our flat inventory. After a little search I found DokuWiki. It can be easily installed by every Linux distribution’s package manager. Unfortunately the stable Debian package was not the newest version and annoyed me with banners that there are some upgrades available. So I tried again with the newest version from the developers site. After unpacking, the directory has to be made accessible through your Web server and after running the install.php where you actually only create the administrator user, the Wiki is already prepared to use. In the default configuration there is no database needed. But the strength of this Wiki is that it can be expanded by more sophisticated configurations using MySQL or an LDAP back-end for user administration. The syntax is quite simple and similar to other Wiki systems. Also my friends were surprised by the usability of this piece of Open Source software. So if you are planning to use a powerful but simple Wiki software, keep an eye on DokuWiki.